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Will SOL reach ATH by the end of 2024?


Where Knowledge Pays Off

Welcome to Poe

Predict Probabilities, not just outcomes! Poe empowers you to easily participate in prediction markets. Here, you can safely share your insights and get rewarded for your accuracy.

Our protocol ensures fairness and scales to meet global demand. Join the future of predictions.

Get to know Poe

With Poe, you predict how likely something is to happen. Your betting stake goes into a pool. Poe uses a special system to score your forecast and determine your payout.

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Poe's Best Features


Trade with confidence:

No front-running, safe participation.


Always in the game:

Update your beliefs as you learn more.


Scales to meet global demand:

No liquidity pool or market makers are required

Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd

Poe uses science-backed methods to aggregate user predictions to deliver the most precise forecast.

Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.

-Ryunosuke Satoro

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Will Poe launch its beta version before end of June 2024?


Stay tuned!

Poe is coming soon with its beta launch. Don't miss out! Join the community and get all the latest updates by following us.